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Dates & Times

Pig Pounder Holiday Market will be held on Saturday and Sunday, November 12th and 13th 2022 from 12-6pm. The Market will take place at the Brewery Pavilion located at 1111-B Grecade St. Greensboro, NC 27408.

Artist Vendor Eligibility


Artists are encouraged to apply!  Space availability will be limited to create diversity for the customer and provide exhibitors with a successful investment. Artists are encouraged to provide photos or website information so that booth and sale items can be shared and promoted on Social Media platforms.

Booth Space Information


All booths range from 8’ X 8’ to 10’ X 10’.  We provide only the space.  Artist must bring their own tents, tables, chairs or any display needs. Electric power is available upon request! All efforts will be made to have both artist booths inside and outside. Those who are outside are encouraged to bring additional shelter such as a tent just in case. Each booth must have someone in attendance at all times.  Booth set up is 10:3AM-12PM and must be open to the public during the event (12-6:00PM).  Artists/Vendors should plan to arrive early to unload vehicles, as those vehicles must be moved to the designated parking area by 12PM.  



Artist Vendor Booth Fee:  $50 per booth space indoors. $25 per booth space outdoors. Discount for those willing to come both days!!


The Booth Fee includes an 8 X 8 - 10 X 10 space for the Holiday Market + an advertisement on Pig Pounder’s Social Media Platforms.  Fees are due upon arrival after approved application. See application details and deadline below

  • Vendor fees will not be refunded once Vendor has been approved and paid.

  • Vendors will not be allowed to drink alcohol while working the booth. 

  • All NC ABC laws apply.

  • Pets and Children are welcome!!

  • All outside food is welcome however NO outside drinks allowed, Pig Pounder provides both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages including water.

  • The event will not be postponed or cancelled due to weather.

  • The event committee reserves the right to deny any application without explanation.

  • Pig Pounder Brewery and its employees are not responsible for or liable for accidents, loss, theft or claims resulting from the Exhibitor’s participation.  

  • Exhibitors are fully responsible for protection of their property and for securing of their tent and displays.

  • The artist/vendor agrees to leave booth area clean and free of trash or debris.

Apply to Vendor

Artist and Vendor Application

Choose Event
Artist or Vendor?
Select Space

Thank you. Your application will be reveiwed and you will be notified once approved!

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